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Nov 21, 2012 at 10:47 AM


In tracking down an issue we were having, I noticed the following check that does a redirect to a "forms-verification" URL:


if (_spamFilters.Any(o => o.CheckForSpam(model.Message) == SpamStatus.Spam))
                    return Redirect("~/forms-verification");

This is in the ContactController.cs file. Can anyone tell me what's supposed to be at that URL? Is that something that's supposed to be handled by the module (and maybe we're misconfigured) or is there some other feature (maybe via Orchard.AntiSpam or some other module) that we need to enable/install/fix to satisfy the requirement?

As it stands, when the contact form's message fails the spam filters check, people are getting redirected to a 404.

Thanks in advance,